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Let's take an in-depth look at one of the best boutique hot tub brands on the market to see if Saratoga Hot Tubs come with all the features you're looking for.

Our top picks for saratoga hot tubs
Luxury Spas
  • Best for hydrotherapy and ultimate design
  • Five spa models to choose from
  • Best Feature: Versa-Flo Air Control System
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Special Edition Spas
  • Best value for the price
  • Eight spa models to choose from
  • Best Feature: Passive Impact CFE System
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Cottage Spas
  • Most budget-friendly spa
  • Eight spa models to choose from
  • Best Feature: Power Massage Jet System
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Who Is Saratoga Spas?

The Saratoga Spas company has been around for almost half a century. They have a very long history in spa design and innovation thanks to the fact that they are a member of the Imperial Pools brand.

The name comes from Saratoga Springs, which was, at one time, a place of rest, relaxation, and recreation in 17th-century New York. To this day, people still visit for hydrotherapy benefits.

One of the great things about Saratoga Spas models is that they are still handcrafted from the mold designs. You'll get a unique and high-quality look with each Saratoga tub.

Saratoga Spas Series

The Luxury Spas

If you are looking for the best in hydrotherapy and the ultimate design convenience, look no further than the Luxury Spas lineup.

This is the top series in the Saratoga Spa lineup. There are plenty of size and style options to choose from as well.

One of the top spa models in the Luxury lineup is the Broadway. The model comes with 78 jets inside the Passive Impact CFE Therapy System and the Direct Impact Therapy System.

You get to take advantage of high-quality valve systems, including the Versa-Flo Air Control system and ProJet Stream Valve system for maximum efficiency.

There is more than enough room for nine people in this particular spa, making it an excellent choice for those with larger families or friends groups that they would like to entertain.

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Some of the other notable features available with the Broadway spa model include the treaded footwell, built-in headrest pillows, deluxe spa cover, Luxury Splash LED lighting, and Weatherall cabinets for extreme durability. Plus, you'll never have to deal with dirty water thanks to the WhisperZone Ozone Generator system.

The Special Edition Series

There are eight spa models to choose from in the Saratoga Special Edition Series.

The beauty of the Special Edition Series is that it provides incredible value for the price.

You'll get cost-efficiency while getting to enjoy all of the benefits of a high-quality spa.

At the top of the Special Edition Series is the L50, which comes with a total of 57 jets built into the Passive Impact CFE system and the Direct Impact Therapy System.

There is more than enough room for up to seven people in the L50 model, making it a great mid-range choice for those who don't have plenty of space, yet still want to have the ability to host friends and family.

Just like the Luxury Spa lineup, the Special Edition spa lineup is known for durability. You get a MultiWeather Cabinet, a TriLayer Spa Shell, Custom Circulation Cycles, a Deluxe Spa cover, and ThermalBond Wrap Insulation.

Thanks to the Microban Filtration and ozone generator combination, you will never have to worry about dealing with dirty water.

Lastly, we have the Cotta Spa lineup. This is the most budget-friendly spa series in the range, perfect for those who want the same quality as the other two spa lineups without the high prices.

The Whitman is the flagship spa in the Cottage lineup.

It comes with 38 jets and more than enough room for up to five adults, making it a great mid-range choice in terms of size.

You get to enjoy stress relief from the Power Massage jet system and Versa-Flo jet system, both of which are completely adjustable for a customized spa experience.

Muscle and joint relief is the ultimate goal.

Some of the other notable features that you get with the Whitman include an LED waterfall, a TriLayer Spa Shell, a MultiWeather Cabinet, a Deluxe Spa Cover, a Microban Filtration system, ThermalBond Wrap Insulation, Custom Circulation Cycles, and DuoTone Jet Accents.

The Unique Saratoga Hydrotherapy System

The Saratoga Hydrotherapy System is incredibly unique, as it is composed of various relief systems.

For starters, you have the ProJet Stream Hydrotherapy system, which is a completely exclusive system to the brand. You get a concealed jet system within the shell. To control the jet system, you can easily rotate each jet to customize your tension relief. The ProJet Stream hydrotherapy system provides total relief to the shoulders and neck without feeling confined to a reverse-molded spa.

Next in the system is the Roto Stream Sequencing System, which provides a completely automated massage experience. There are multiple illustrated positions to pick from, allowing users to direct relief to specific locations on the body. Users can also use the speed controls based on how fast they want the water to move inside the tub.

Third in the system is the Versa-Flo hydrotherapy system, which provides direct impact operation.

There is nothing on the market for relief today quite like the CFE passive relief therapy system.

Regardless of the location or size of the muscle, you can apply direct pressure using this cutting-edge system, giving you complete versatility for the best massage experience possible.

Last but not least is the CFE Hydrotherapy System, which stands for Coplanar Fluid Ejector. 

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This unique hydrotherapy jet helps to move water streams parallel to the user. There is no better way to get a deep and direct massage than from this exclusive system.

If you are basing your buying decision purely on hydrotherapy, then your search should stop here. There are few manufacturers on the market that we would recommend based on pure hydrotherapy besides Saratoga.

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy a Saratoga Spa?

Saratoga is a brand with deep roots in tradition. They understand the benefits of hydrotherapy, which is why they create hot tubs with stress relief in mind. Of course, beyond the brand's hydrotherapy designs lies durability and efficiency, which are huge considerations to make when you are buying a spa.

From the Weatherall Exterior to the Proegrity Spa Shell to the Purity Circulation Pump, you get some of the best benefits of a modern spa.

If you've been searching for the best spa for your needs, we hope that this review has narrowed your decision. 

To view all brands, check out our best hot tub brands page. 

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