Small Hot Tubs

Don't think that just because you lack space in your house doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the benefits of a hot tub.

There are plenty of high-quality small hot tubs out there, perfect for those with limited real estate.

The main goal today is to show you our 4 favorite small hot tub models so that you can get a better idea of what's on the market.

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When looking for a 4 person hot tub, it can be difficult to find models to fit four people comfortably while still retaining a portable size. The Intex Greywood Deluxe inflatable hot tub is an excellent choice for those who want to fit four people in a small hot tub.

This Intex model makes use of a high-tech wireless panel that provides users with up to 48 hours of operation after one charge. 

Even with its inflatable design, it retains ample durability thanks to its Fibertech PVC material. While it might feel plus to the touch, it is also sturdy enough to sit on while enjoying a foot soak.

The Intex Greywood Deluxe comes with a high-powered 140-jet jet system for the ultimate spa experience. Even for an inflatable spa, the jets are surprisingly powerful. The multi-colored LED lights help to add to the overall ambiance and increase nighttime visibility, making it a perfect choice for your outdoor space in the evening.

In terms of accessories, the Intex Greywood Deluxe comes with an insulated cover to keep it energy-efficient. The cover work to generate heat retention while the integrated hard water treatment system works to make the water much easier on the skin than standard chlorine systems.

It is a comparatively small four-person hot tub at only 77" in diameter. Plus, when it's not filled, the tub only weighs 88 pounds, meaning it is easy to move from place to place if need be.

Best 3-Person Hot Tub - Master Spas TS240

Moving down on the list to one of our favorite 3 person hot tubs, the Master Spas TS240 is the perfect choice for those who want a tub that can comfortably fit 3.

It is an absolute best seller in the Master Spas lineup.

This cozy corner hot tub has a variety of high-quality features, including the strategically-placed hydrotherapy jets which work to target the shoulders, neck, and head.

To help reduce inflammation, there are biomagnetic therapy magnets.

In the footwell lies cluster jets for a unique spa experience. To help keep up with water care, the unit makes use of a standard filtration system. Beyond that, there are plenty of soothing water features, LED lights, and digital controls to provide the best possible hot tub experience.

Consumers have the ability to upgrade the Master Spas TS240 with a Wi-Fi module, a Bluetooth sound system, and a quiet-flow circulation pump, among other optional extras. The benefits of this particular hot tub truly depend on the lifestyle of the buyer and what they are looking for in their purchase.

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The Hot Spring TX is the best 2 person hot tub on the market today in our opinion. 

With its corner-friendly design, it works for most yard spaces. This particular small hot tub features 11 high-quality jets, including a rotary hydromassage jet, a Moto-massage jet, and eight precision jets. The entire hot tub utilizes a two-speed, one horsepower pump.

The water filtration system is pretty standard, though consumers can upgrade to a pump system with circulation. 

To add a bit of ambiance to the space, Hot Spring included a multi-colored LED lighting system, which can be altered using the integrated control panel.

Even with its small size, it packs a punch in terms of energy-efficiency thanks to Hot Spring's high-quality foam insulation. Cutting down on energy costs with the combination of the modern heating system and insulation is a huge benefit of this particular Hot Spring Spas model.

Of course, the Hot Spring TX Two-Person Hot Tub is compatible with the wide range of Hot Spring hot tub accessories, including steps, a locking cover, and an integrated entertainment system.

A 2 seater layout option worth checking out is the double lounger hot tub

Most 1 person hot tubs out on the market are truly two-person hot tub models. Plus, most of them utilize cheaper inflatable materials to cut costs. 

The Hudson Bay 19-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub is a unique hot tub that utilizes a hardshell design and a 110v plug. There is no need to hire an electrician to enjoy this high-quality plug n play model.

This small hot tub was engineered with deep seating and a wide variety of water jets to give people all of the health benefits of hydrotherapy. 

The rotary jets work can be manipulated to change the intensity and fixed to shoot out streams of water at problem areas, such as the shoulders or neck.

One of the unique features present on the 1-Person Hudson Bay 19-Jet Spa is the back-lit waterfall, which can help to turn just about any yard or patio into an oasis.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Hot Tub


Size is one of the very first considerations that someone must make when looking for the best home hot tub. The size of a hot tub means the shell, the seating capacity, the style of seating, and the volume. It is important to consider how many adults might be in the hot tub at once or where the hot tub will sit.

Is there a large platform on the grass or is there only room on a smaller balcony?

It is also important to consider how the hot tub will get to the desired location. Some backyard spaces don't have as much accessibility as others. Non-inflatable hot tubs require accessibility for installation. Not having a path to transport the hot tub can make the installation process much more difficult.


Small hot tubs are made from a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, acrylic, or rotomolded plastic. Some hot tubs have hardshell designs while other hot tubs are inflatable.

Rotomolded hot tubs are certainly the strongest before acrylic and inflatable vinyl hot tubs. Many people consider rotomolded hot tubs to be the best hot tubs around.

There are plenty of pros and cons to both hardshell and inflatable hot tubs. It is worth doing some research to find out which might suit the home space best.

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When it comes to spa shapes, there are four basic shapes to choose from, including square, round, rectangular, and corner.

Round hot tubs are great for maximizing space. They provide more room on the interior than any other shape while retaining a small footprint. However, compared to square spas, round spas don't have the same amount of seats or seating configurations.

Rectangular hot tubs are great for those who are looking to lounge, as they typically have lounge seats built-in. However, there is the sacrifice of space when it comes to having double lounge seats. Those who want to enjoy this type of seating without taking up more space might consider a corner spa. Corner spas are longer in the front and have half-circle designs out front while maintaining a shape that allows them to be pushed into corners.

Searching For Best Small Hot Tubs and Spas

A rejuvenating soak in a small hot tub can provide adults with reduced stress, better sleep quality, and the elimination of aches and pains. Adults who lead an active lifestyle can bask in the benefits of having a spa at home, as it provides the perfect post-workout relaxation.

However, it is also true that not all adults have the proper living space to store a large hot tub. Luckily, plenty of small hot tub models exist for those who have limited space to create the perfect backyard oasis. Many of these small hot tubs and spas could even fit on a small balcony.

Before diving in headfirst, make sure to compare the details of different hot tubs to find the best one and use this small buying guide to remember the best considerations to make.

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