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Softub spas can be found in homes all over the world! 

Whether you are looking for a more compact tub for a small patio or for those romantic evenings, or a larger tub for the whole family or large parties, Softub has it all!

Of course, finding the right hot tub for your needs can be a difficult process, especially if you don’t know a lot about hot tubs in the first place.

Luckily, we’re here to help you decide whether or not a Softub hot tub is a right choice for you!

Let’s dive in!

Our top picks for softub
Softub Poseidon
  • Best for pure power
  • 100 volts of power
  • Dual LEDs and upgraded therapy seat
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Softub 300 Reviews
  • Larger model in the lineup
  • Can comfortably hold six adults
  • Included therapy seat
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Softub 220 Reviews
  • Original Softub model
  • Can accommodate up to four adults
  • Comes with smart-chip patented technology
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Softub 140 Reviews
  • Best for portability
  • Can accommodate up to two adults
  • Makes use of Hydro-Mate technology
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How Much Do Softub Hot Tubs Cost?

Now that you have a better idea of the models that the Softub brand offers, you might be asking yourself,

“How much can I expect to throw down for one of these bad boys?”

Softub Pricing

If you’re looking to save some money, we would highly recommend going with the 140. It sits just under $4,000 without any add-ons. The 220 is the mid-priced tub, which runs at about $4,700. The 300 sits at around $5,400, and for those who are looking to get luxurious with the Poseidon hot tub, you can expect to pay around $6,200.

Of course, there are various add-ons that you can purchase as well, which can significantly increase the price of the hot tub, though in general, these prices are fairly low.

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Softub Tub Models

#1 Softub Poseidon

If you’re looking for pure power, we highly recommend checking out the Poseidon.

It takes the idea of hydrotherapy and elevates it for pure relaxation and recovery. 

The Poseidon is designed atop the Resort 300 frame, though it makes use of a Poseidon Jet, rather than the single standard jet that is available on the other tubs. The jet is very easy to manipulate once you are inside the tub. 

All you need to do is twist the face of it to put it in position. Every jet in the hot tub can be diverted to the Poseidon jet as well, which is awesome if you’re looking to put all of the power in one place. You’ll definitely feel the difference with 100 volts of pure power pulsing against your back muscles.

The Poseidon model should be considered if you are searching for a tub that can provide legitimate deep tissue massages. You can even transform this tub into a whirlpool with an additional attachment, taking advantage of the most pristine hydrotherapy around.

The Poseidon model comes with the patented Hydro-Mate smart chip cleaning technology to keep an eye on the water chemistry, a deluxe control panel, and a deluxe folding lid with locking straps. The Poseidon also features dual LEDs for a cooler lighting experience, as well as an upgraded Therapy Seat.

#2 Softub 300 Reviews

The 300 model is one of the larger ones in the lineup.

It has seating that can comfortably hold six adults, making it the perfect choice for larger families or for those hot-tubbers who want to host parties. 

The Softub 300 also has a cool therapy seat onboard, which is great for consumers who want the best in terms of relaxation features. 

The 300 hot tub sits at 6.5 feet all the way around, which makes it a pretty solid choice for those consumers who need to fit it in smaller areas as well.

The Softub 300 is unique compared to the other tubs in the Softub lineup, as it is custom-built with a few more inches of depth. This means that even taller people can soak comfortably, taking advantage of the full depth of the hot tub.

One of the best features of the Softub 300 is no doubt the Therapy Seat, as it allows soakers to elevate their feet. This is wonderful when you have sore muscles and you need to get the blood flowing in different directions.

The Softub 300 also features jets that have been placed in a strategic manner, which sit along the back and pulsate with the strength to provide deep tissue massages for both the lower and upper muscles

The Softub 300 comes with some additional features, including Hydro-Mate technology to keep it clean at all times, as well as a deluxe folding lid complete with strap locks and underwater lighting that utilizes gorgeous, rainbow LED lighting. 

The 220 is the most popular model in the Softub lineup, which is probably because it was also the very first tub that the brand put out.

The 220 model can accommodate up to four adults and runs about six feet in diameter, making it just a bit smaller than the 300 model.

The 220 comes with five customizable jets built-in, each of which is extremely easy to adjust once in the tub.

The 220 comes is made with soft material to provide added comfort no matter where you decide to sit in the hot tub. You’ll always feel relaxed and comfortable. Plus, Softub has padded the headrest area to give them a pillow-like feeling.

Of course, as with the other hot tubs on our list, the Softub 220 comes complete with smart chip patented technology, similar to the 300 and Poseidon models. It also uses multi-colored LED underwater lighting and comes with a deluxe locking lid. Make sure to check out the Softub website to get a look at the different exterior colors that they have available.

The 140 is the smallest hot tub in the Softub lineup and is great for those who need additional portability or for those who simply want a more intimate hot tub experience.

The 140 is made to accommodate two adults.

It comes with four jets, which are adjustable and can be slightly customized depending on how you want the jets to to be configured within the tub.

In terms of size, the Softub 140 sits five feet in diameter, which makes it an excellent choice for the back porch, smaller patios, or for properties that have general space limitations.

Not all people have acres of land to spare in their backyards, so we’re glad that Softub made something smaller. The other great thing about the tub is that it is extremely affordable! Similar to the fact that not everyone has acres of land to spare, not everyone has thousands of dollars to spare either!

The 140 is made to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to move into small places too. You can install it just about anywhere your heart desires. The hot tub makes use of Hydro-Mate technology to keep it nice and clean, as well as a deluxe folding lid, multi-colored LEDs, and durable foam construction.

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Softub Parts and Accessories

Softub Direct is one of the best places online for those who need to get some Softub parts or accessories. The website carries a number of high-quality Softub parts that are perfect for upgrades or repairs. These parts include hydro packs, covers, and much, much more.

Softub Dealers

If you look at the Softub website, you will see that the company does not distribute its products through first-person channels. Instead, they have a dealer network that sells their hot tubs for them.

Softub brand spas can be found in a variety of hot tub dealers across the United States. If you want to search for a Softub dealer near you, you will have to visit the company website and check out the dealer locator. Here you can enter your zip code to find a Softub dealer near your home. We highly recommend checking out Hot Tub Express to find good deals on these tub models.

Where Can I Find A Softub Manual?

Whether you are looking to troubleshoot something that is going on with your Softub or you are looking to better understand the ins and outs of your Softub, you may want to take a look at a manual. Of course, if you purchased your Softub used, you may have not received a manual with it. Luckily, the Softub website provides access to all model manuals.

The great thing about Softub is that all of their hot tub models are pretty uniform in the way that they operate. 

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Softub Warranties

It is important to note that you must register your Softub at the company website if you want to take advantage of the warranty. There is a five-year warranty stamped on all of the company's products. The company provides all users with a PDF that explains the warranty in detail, which can be found here.

What Makes Softubs Different From Traditional Spas?

Traditional spas are made out of hard acrylic material for the most part, which is the big separator. Traditional spas also require a bit of site preparation, construction, or excavation, before they can be installed. Softubs are great as they don’t require you to prep the site before you lay them down. Simply find a surface that is flat and throw it down. This makes them a less permanent solution.

Softub tubs can also be plugged straight into any outlet in your house. To make sure that your power is safe, you can use the included ground fault indicator. Most traditional hot tubs require 60 amp lines with at least 220 volts of power. 

Thirdly, you have portability with these models that you don’t get with a traditional tub. This makes the installation process incredibly easy, as you can move Softub tubs down sets of stairs or through large doorways. On average, these tubs weigh about 80 pounds, which is a walk in the park compared to traditional hot tubs that can easily weigh around 500 pounds or more!

Of course, Softubs don't use very much energy either, which is why many people gravitate towards them. For one day of running, you only need about 4 kW of electricity to run these things. You typically need to purchase a third-party heating element or a separate motor unit for traditional hot tubs, which can end up costing you around $60 per month on average. 

Are Softub Hot Tubs Inflatable?

Softubs may be portable and lightweight, though they are not inflatable by any means. They are actually made with polypropylene foam, which is very soft and easy to squeeze. That polypropylene material is cased inside high-quality LeatherTex material.

When compared to inflatable hot tubs, Softub hot tubs are far more likely to be damaged when compared to Softub hot tubs, as most are made with weaker Nylon material. They are especially susceptible to damage for those who live in harsh climates. 

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One thing to note is that on the positive side of inflatable hot tubs, they are a lot cheaper. For those who are on a serious budget, we might recommend an inflatable tub over a Softub.

Bottom Line - Should I Buy A Softub?

The bottom line is that the Softub brand manufacturers high-quality spas that are practical, portable, and easy to use. They are great no matter what environment you put them in. In our opinion, they are one of the most intuitive spa manufacturers around today, and they last people for years when taken care of. This is the reason why the brand's customer reviews are so spectacular.

Of course, Softub spas may not have some of the luxury features of some of the other top brands on the market, including Bullfrog or Hot Springs, though they provide tubs at an incredible price range that will last you for many years down the line!

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