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You've already learned about all of the social and wellness benefits hot tubs have to offer, and you've decided you're ready to buy one. So that ad you received in the mail with the title "75% off high-end hot tub models at this weekend's spa blowout" seems like it couldn't have come at a better time.

Today, we're going to explore the ins and outs of spa blowout sales to help you determine if it's the right choice for you!

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blowout Expo: Pros & Cons


Seeing Many Brands In-Person

As you'll quickly learn, spa blowout events and hot tub expos are not the best places to buy hot tub and swim spa models. But, of course, to give them credit, they do bring many hot tub dealers and swim spa dealers into one place, allowing you to get a good look at various spa models before you make your final decision.

If you go into a hot tub show with the mindset that you're only browsing, not buying, then you can take advantage of the situation.

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Dealing With Salespeople

There's nothing like a high-pressure salesman to squeeze the fun out of searching for a new product. Plus, a hot tub is not a purchase you want to make in a pinch without considering all of the factors first.

Remember, spa blowouts and hot tub expos are usually one-time or weekend-long events, meaning these traveling hot tub salesmen are only there to sell as many hot tubs as they possibly can. Once that traveling hot tub salesman has finished the sale, they're onto the next town, leaving you all alone with your hasty decision to spend thousands of dollars on that brand new hot tub.

No True Discounts

Before a company 'discounts' it's hot tub prices for one of these weekend expo events, it will artificially inflate them. As a result, the standard prices that you'll see at an expo are not the same as the prices you'd expect to see at a regular showroom.

Expos cost money to put on, including hiring salespeople for the week, advertising, and convention center rental fees. Even if you've finally reached the convention center and you think you're looking at a good deal, we promise you that a trip to a showroom will show you otherwise.

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As we said before, expos offer an excellent way to see products, though there are much better options when it comes to purchasing those products. Don't let that sales pitch fool you into spending thousands of dollars more than necessary.

No Post-Purchase Customer Service or Support

In a year from now, you might be dealing with a leaky pump or an electronic control malfunction in your hot tub's system that you can't seem to fix. But, unfortunately, that high-pressure salesperson that just sold this new hot tub or swim spa to you probably didn't give you any way to get in contact with the company for service or support.

Unfortunately, customer service and support are the last two things on the minds of these salespeople, which is one of the top reasons why buying a new spa at a hot tub show is not the best idea. Plus, most of these sales don't involve warranty deals either, leaving you in the dust if anything terrible happens to your spa.

No Delivery or Setup

Buying a couch or television from an expo is another thing, as you can throw these products in the back of your car and set them up without having anyone else involved. However, a full-sized hot tub requires a serious delivery and setup process. Not only will you likely have to have someone help deliver your new spa to your house, but you'll also have to get help putting it in place and rewiring your electrical system to get the 220v volts of power that most hot tubs require.

Beyond that, you'll need to fill your unit with water, reinforce your deck, and spend a bit of time mapping out your yard to see if it will work. Unfortunately, when you buy a unit through an event like this, you don't get the help you need post-purchase.

Why You Should Use Buyerzone to Make Your Hot Tub Purchase

One of the best pieces of advice you could ever follow in life is that if it sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true.

That 'deal' you just got offered in that sales pitch won't save you any money and will likely give you a headache later down the line.

Instead of making a purchase from your local convention center, you're much better off using a service like Buyerzone. 

You can save time and simplify your hot tub shopping experience by getting several quotes from one single quote request.

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Plus, you'll save money in the end, as several hot tub vendors will have to compete to get your sale. Our service is free to use and provides shoppers with deals that are relevant to their area!

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