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Sundance Spas are ideal for those seeking a more luxurious hot tub option.

And while they are part of the highly acclaimed jacuzzi group, Sundance offers their own unique characteristics which set them apart.

But does Sundance have what you are looking for in a hot tub?

We’ll explore the 4 series in this company’s lineup so that you can determine whether or not Sundance Spas is the right brand for you!

Sundance Spas Prices

Now that you’ve read our reviews on Sundance Spas, let’s talk about the Sundance Spas cost.

While they don’t have specific prices listed on their website, they do give us an idea of how much tubs will cost with a large list of price ranges that many of the tubs fall into. 

The entry-level tubs run up to about $8,000, the mid-range spas run anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000, the more premium tubs run between $12,000 and $15,000, and the top-notch tubs run just over $16,000.

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Sundance Spas Models

#1 Sundance Spas 980 Series

The Sundance 980 Series is at the top of the line for the Sundance brand.

These tubs are laced with some of the best style and design features that Sundance has to offer.

With a variety of large tubs to choose from, these tubs are made to help you connect with friends and family, as well as with yourself.

There are four tubs to choose from in the 980 Series lineup, including the Kingston, Odessa, Claremont, and Lisbon.

The tubs are made to fit anywhere from 5-7 people, though only the Claremont and Lisbon have lounge seats available.

Each of the tubs come with a rich exterior made up of highlighted cabinetry and corner illumination. The tubs are also equipped with illuminated Sun Cooler storage for additional seating or beverages. Of course, you also get the patented Fluidix jets to help soothe your muscles.

The Sundance 880 Series has eight different tubs to choose from, each of which are just a step down in price from the 980 Series tubs.

The tubs in the 880 Series include the Aspen, Maxxus, Optime, Cameo, Altamar, Marin, Cambria, and Capri.

In terms of seating, the top tubs have room for eight people while the bottom tubs have room for three.

Each of the tubs come with ClearRay UV-C Technology for top-notch filtration.

This helps to neutralize waterborne pathogens so that you always have clear and fresh water no matter the time of year. 

These tubs also come with Multicolor SunGlow LED lighting that helps to brighten up the interior of the spas.

Just like the 980 Series, the 880 Series has advanced i-Touch Control that makes use of an intuitive touchscreen system with icon-driven menus. Lastly, the UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry provides a sense of beauty and functionality, helping the tub to seamlessly blend into your backyard.

The Sundance Spas 780 Series is a mid-range line of tubs that are made to enhance your life.

They utilize all of the new technologies of Sundance Spas, though have much lower profiles than all of the other Series under the Sundance brand.

There are six tubs to choose from in the 780 Series, including the Chelsee, Hamilton, Montclair, Bristol, Hanover, and Dover.

The top tubs can fit anywhere from 6-7 people while the bottom tubs can fit anywhere from 2-3 people.

Each tub comes with Sundance’s ClearRay UV-C Technology and filtration system, perfect for keeping your water fresh and clean throughout the year. 

There is Multicolor SunRay LED lighting built in as well, which rests behind the gorgeous little AquaSheer waterfall. While these tubs don’t come with the i-Touch system, there is an efficient control panel that gives you an idea of the spa functions with simple, illuminated icons, making it easy to adjust either day or night. In terms of aesthetics, you get the same UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry and EZ Access door for maintenance, just like the tubs above.

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If you are in the market for something a bit more portable, we highly recommend checking out the 680 Series.

This series of tubs offer classic hydrotherapy in a wide array of options for every kind of household.

The smallest tubs have seats for two people only, while the larger tubs can fit anywhere from 6-8 depending on size.

There are seven tubs to choose from in all, including the Edison, Peyton, McKinley, Ramona, Prado, Denali, and Tacoma.

The cool thing about these tubs is that some of them go beyond the traditional square shape, perfect for those who are looking for something a bit more unique to put in their backyard. 

All of these tubs come with smaller versions of the ClearRay UV-C filtration system, as well as standard lighting with an ambient waterfall. The LED controls are even more simplified in comparison with the 780 Series, though the UV-resistant cabinetry is just as durable.

If you want a hot tub that is a bit smaller, or you don’t want to spend as much money. The Sundance Spas 680 Series is the best in the lineup.

Sundance Spas Consumer Reviews

We are not alone at highly recommending this brand. Here are a few Sundance Spas consumer reviews below:

Sundance spas consumer review

Sundance Spas Parts

You might be wondering where you can purchase different Sundance Spas parts for your new or old tub. The only people that are able to supply you with a proper Sundance Spas parts catalog are licensed Sundance Spa dealers.

If you are looking for a Sundance Spas parts manual or Sundance Spas parts diagram, you’ll be happy to know that they can all be found on the Sundance Spas website.


Sundance Warranty 

The Sundance Warranty varies by tub. You can find a list of the exact warranties, though here are a few things to note:

  • The 880 Series, 780 Series, and Select Series come with a ten-year shell structure warranty.
  • The 680 Series comes with a five-year shell structure.
  • The 880 Series, 780 Series, and Select Series come with a seven-year shell surface warranty
  • The 680 Series comes with a two-year shell surface warranty

Sundance Dealers

Sundance does not actually sell their spas through their website. Instead, their spas can be found at different dealers around the US. Make sure to follow this link to find a Sundance Spas dealer in your area.

Sundance Financing

When it comes to financing a Sundance Spa, it is helpful to know that there are special terms financing offers through local dealers. However, you can apply online using Wells Fargo Financing if you are a U.S. resident.

Sundance Manual

Each of the Sundance Spas comes with a unique manual, which can all be found at this link here. These user guides are very helpful for fixing problems on your own without having to call repairmen.

Sundance VS Hot Springs

While there are many differences between the two companies, one of the most prominent is the filtration system. Hot Springs makes use of a saltwater system, making it very easy to clean. With that said Sundance’s UV system is very clean as well, so it comes down to personal preference.

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Sundance VS Jacuzzi

Sundance sits under the Jacuzzi brand as their high-end lineup. Jacuzzi is one of the most popular brands of hot tubs out there, and is perfect for those who are trying to keep costs low. However, Jacuzzi tubs don’t come with all of the high-end technical and aesthetic features of Sundance tubs.

Sundance Spas Troubleshooting

The cool thing about Sundance Spas is that they have troubleshooting guides available so that you can get your tub up and running ASAP. Make sure to get in contact with your local dealer if the problem is past your expertise.

Sundance Spas Repair 

If you have any questions regarding repairs for your Sundance Spa, make sure to get in contact with your local retailer.

Sundance Spas Filter

The Spa and Pool Source is one of the best resources for finding all of your Sundance filters.

Sundance Spas Heater

You can also purchase Sundance Spas heaters at the Spa and Pool Store.


Sundance Spas Covers 

If you are searching for information on spa covers for your Sundance spa, head on over to this link to get more information on the covers that they offer and how they can protect your spa in the long run.

Final Verdict - Should I Buy This Brand?

Sundance Spas is a wonderful hot tub brand that provides consumers with a wide variety of hot tub options that are on the luxurious end of the spectrum. The Fluidix Jets provide pristine hydrotherapy while the filtration system keeps your spa nice and clean at all times.

If you want a top-notch hot tub, Sundance Spas is a brand that you should certainly consider. We hope that our Sundance Spas hot tub reviews have helped to narrow down your decision. Happy hot tubbing!

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