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With more than a hundred spa manufacturers on the market and thousands of models to choose from, finding the right hot tub can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to prioritize affordability.

Luckily, there are manufacturers like Sunrise Spas, who make high-quality hot tubs for value-minded buyers.

Today we're going to explore this one-of-a-kind brand so that you can decide whether or not the products they offer are right for you.

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Sunrise Spas Classic Collection
  • Best for plug and play use
  • Three tubs to choose from
  • Best feature: high-quality hydrotherapy jets
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Sunrise Spas Paragon Collection
  • Best for luxury buyers
  • Three tubs to choose from
  • Best feature: four-speaker Bluetooth audio system
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Sunrise Spas Pricing

As we said before, Sunrise Spas is a very value-minded spa manufacturer. If you're looking for a budget-friendly to mid-range hot tub, they have all kinds of models to choose from.

On average, you'll spend around $4,500 at the low end and around $9,000 at the high-end for a Sunrise Spa.

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Who Is Sunrise Spas?

Sunrise Spas is a branch of a larger parent company, known as the Leisure Manufacturing Group. This Group has been manufacturing hot tubs in Canada for more than two decades.

The hot tubs that they make can be found all over the world. The company utilizes premium construction methods and materials to build 'best in class' Sunrise hot tub models, each of which comes with luxury and comfort details.

Two Main Spa Collections

There are two main spa collections in the Sunrise hot tub lineup, including the Classic Collection and the Paragon Collection. The Classic Collection offers reliability and energy-efficiency while giving customers a soothing hydrotherapy experience at a much lower price compared to competitors.

The Paragon Collection is the Sunrise line of luxury hot tubs with some of the top features they have available.

The Sunrise Spas Classic Collection

There are three types of Sunrise hot tubs found in the Classic collection, including the 115V S Series, the 230V S Series, and the SX Series.

The 115V S Series is a plug-n-play hot tub, which is designed as the perfect budget-friendly recreational hot tub due to its low initial cost and easy installation.

Simply plug it into a dedicated 15A outlet and you're ready to go! Some of the notable features that come standard on the 115V S Series include LED lighting and comfort headrests, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that these features are most often limited to luxury hot tub products.

The 230V S Series is an upgraded version of the 115V S Series and is meant for those who want to indulge in better massage features.

Even with the high-quality jets and other relaxing elements found in this tub, it retains a small footprint that makes it an excellent choice for those with smaller homes.

Finally, you have the SX Series, which takes therapy, relaxation, and entertainment to the next level. You'll find just about every feature you could want to find in a high-quality hot tub in this model. From exterior LED lighting on the cabinetry to relaxing waterfalls on the interior, it is a tub built for the zen-minded.

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You'll also enjoy the cutting-edge water management system for constant clear water, Bluetooth audio with an incredible sound system, and comfortable headrests so that you can kick back and enjoy all of the wonderful features in your new backyard oasis.

The Sunrise Spas Paragon Collection

The Paragon Collection is Sunrise's luxury collection, perfect for those who want all of the latest and greatest features. It should be noted that this collection, as of this time, is only available in Europe.

There are eight Sunrise hot tubs in this collection, which range from three-person capacities to eight-person capacities. The largest and most popular hot tub model in the lineup is the Medallion, which is an eight-person hot tub with a built-in lounge.

This hot tub boasts 78 hydrotherapy jets, which the company strategically designed to hit all of the common pressure points. The jets are powered by the hot tub's 2.2kW dual-speed jet pumps, providing a serious amount of water pressure for the deepest massage possible.

Some of the other standard features on this hot tub include the four-speaker Bluetooth audio system, the factory-installed ozone water management system, the two LED-illuminated waterfalls, and the exterior perimeter lighting, which adds a nice bit of ambiance to the area surrounding the hot tub.

For those who don't have as much real estate to spare, the Jewel Shallow three-person hot tub is a great choice. This three-person hot tub comes with a lounge and is great for smaller homes or smaller families. However, even with its small size compared to the other models on this short list, it is packed with some of the best design elements Sunrise Spas has to offer.

You get 25 two-tone stainless steel jets, multi-colored interior and exterior lighting, an LED-backlit waterfall, a factory-installed ozone water care system, and much more. The jets are powered by 2.2kW jet pumps to give you an incredible amount of power.

Beyond that, each of the hot tubs in the Paragon Collection comes with a steel frame. The steel frame design beats the wood frame design by a landslide, as it is immune to rot and warping as the years go by.

For durability, luxury, and comfort, the Paragon Collection is a top-notch choice.

Where Can I Find Sunrise Spas Parts?

Whether you need to perform some DIY repairs on your hot tub or you're just looking to do some routine service, you may need to get your hand on some Sunrise Spas parts.

Luckily, you can find just about any part you might need for your Sunrise tub at the Hot Tub Superstore.

They carry a vast selection of circuit boards, pumps, heaters, ozonators, covers, jets, pillows, filters, and just about anything else that you could think of for making sure your hot tub tub is in tip-top shape.

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Final Thoughts - Should You Buy A Sunrise Hot Tub?

The beauty of Sunrise Spas is that they have hot tub models that are perfect for anyone. Whether you are on a quest for comfort and solitude or you're looking to entertain your friends and family, you'll be sure to find a Sunrise hot tub that is right for your needs.

As with many brands, Sunrise Spas has a wide selection of hot tubs to choose from. Make sure to get in touch with your local dealer to see if they carry the brand or to get quotes on your favorite Sunrise hot tub model. You can also find dealers near you with their website's dealer locator. Most of the dealers are spread throughout Canada and parts of the Northern United States.

All-in-all, we hope that this review and short list of hot tub models was helpful in narrowing down your buying choices. There are so many benefits of becoming a hot tub owner and we hope that you find the perfect hot tub for your needs. 

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