Swim Spa Hot Tub Combo

A swim spa and hot tub combo is one of the best products on the market to help you reach your fitness goals while enjoying comfort and relaxation whenever you need.

Of course, with so many manufacturers making swim spa hot tub combos, finding one that's right for you can be quite challenging. Luckily, we've done the research for you.

Come with us as we explore some of the best models on the market and find out what makes these combos so beneficial.

Our top picks for best swim spa hot tub combos
Integrity Spas Grand Cayman
  • 19’ long
  • Four powerful TurboSwim jets
  • Best feature: 15” LCD TV
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Endless Pool Fitness Systems E2000
  • 20’’ long
  • 36 Hydrotherapy jets
  • Best feature: Aquabike and Treadmill Bundle
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Master Spas Momentum Deep
  • 19.2’’ long
  • Cutting-edge propulsion system
  • Best feature: Dual Temperature design
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Best Swim Spa and Hot Tub Combo Models

While there are plenty of excellent swim spa combo models on the market today, here are three that seemingly stand out among the rest.

Integrity Spas Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman from Integrity Spas has just about everything that one could want from both a spa and a swimming pool.

The kicker? It comes at a fraction of the cost! The Grand Cayman sits at over 19' long and features four powerful Turbo Swim jets.

Each of the jets is powered using a 237 GPM, 6 horsepower pump.

You can adjust the jets to create a strong current for swimming or create a gentle current that is good for resistance exercises and jogging.

Once you are done working out in the fitness area, you can make your way over to the hydrotherapy spa zone.

There you'll find strategically placed jets that provide a one-of-a-kind hydrotherapy massage to relax and rejuvenate sore muscles and joints. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds in a single unit.

As for comfort, we love the jet-intensive captain's seat. It even comes with reverse molded neck jets for added comfort. For those who are looking to entertain family and guests, you may consider adding the optional 15" LCD TV to your Grand Cayman as the cherry on top.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems E2000

With luxury features, the Endless Pool Fitness Systems E2000 provides users with maximum benefits.

It is one of the best swim spa models on the market for those seeking out optimal fitness and therapy.

For starters, users have the ability to control the temperature of the two separate regions independently of one another.

You can swim, run, or perform resistance exercise routines by setting the water in the fitness area to a comfortable 85 degrees or lower. 

All the while, you can keep the hydrotherapy zone at a comfortable 104 degrees to give yourself the most therapeutic hot tub experience once you are done with your workout.

The spa area comes with 36 hot water hydrotherapy jets, all of which are adjustable. Adults love having the ability to create completely custom massage experiences after a tough workout and the Endless Pools Fitness Systems E2000 provides.

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There are plenty of ways that you can customize your Endless Pools Fitness Systems E2000 as well. People often like to add exercise equipment to the bundle with an Aquabike or Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill. You'll get top-of-the-line fitness and exercise without ever having to leave your backyard.

Master Spas might be one of the most well-known producers of swim spas on the market, as they worked very closely with Michael Phelps, arguably one of the world's greatest swimmers, to create a one-of-a-kind pool and spa for fitness enthusiasts.

You get dual temperature control so that you can keep the water temperature in your fitness area at a comfortable 85 degrees and turn the temperature up to 104 degrees in your spa area to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy.

The Momentum Deep makes use of a cutting-edge propulsion system, which delivers a wide and smooth current that is completely adjustable depending on your swimming experience and fitness goals.

When you move over to the hydrotherapy spa area, you get to enjoy adjustable jets and ergonomic seating, which both help to target common pressure points so that you can fully recover and relax.

It should also be noted that the Master Spas Momentum Deep comes with the low-maintenance EcoPur Filtration System, which makes maintaining water cleanliness incredibly easy. The system relies on an innovative blend of zinc and copper, which is found throughout the multiple stages of the filtration process. Overall, you reduce the need for chemicals in your spa, which helps keep your water softer and more comfortable to work out in.

How Much Is a Swim Spa With a Hot Tub?

In general, swim spas can cost anywhere from around $8,000 to $30,000 or more. While they are definitely not cheap by any means, especially when they have hot tubs attached. However, compared to pools, people save quite a bit of money considering the fact that swim spas are around half the price of the initial purchase and installation of an average pool.

The beauty of using a swim spa as an alternative to a pool is that you can use it year-round. Pools often go out of commission during the winter, as the water becomes too cold to use. You can experience family fun while maintaining a health and wellness routine all throughout the year.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Swim Spa Per Month?

Assuming that you purchase a swim spa that has solid insulation properties, the cost of running one swim spa vs another is quite a small range.

For the most part, you will end up spending anywhere in the ballpark of $50-$100 per month running one of these units.

Compared to hot tubs, this may seem like a lot of money.

However, when you compare it to the price people pay to run average swimming pools, which is around $200 per month, it's not that much.

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Of course, you will also have to consider the climate where you live as well. A swim spa costs more to run in a colder climate than it costs to run in a warmer climate. If you decide to install your swim spa inside your home or underground, you might be able to reduce those costs thanks to the added installation.

Of course, you will also have to consider maintenance costs as well. You shouldn't have to worry about constant maintenance if you purchase a newer model, though, after a few years, it is a good idea to start putting money aside just in case anything happens.

Final Thoughts - Are Swim Spas Worth It?

If you're looking to enjoy the benefits of fun, fitness, and relaxation, then we highly recommend getting yourself a swim spa combo. Compared to traditional pools, you won't have to sacrifice as much space. Plus, thanks to the adjustable water temperature, you'll be able to use your swim spa all throughout the year without worry.

Most swim spa models come packed to the brim with excellent features, perfect for those looking to stay fit and take advantage of hydrotherapy. Yes, the price might be a bit steep for some, though when you compare it to installing a home pool or paying for a monthly gym membership, it eventually pays for itself. Plus, the family will thank you for bringing a bit of fun into the home!

If you really want the best deal on a swim spa and hot tub combo, don't waste your time trying to get quotes. Instead, click on the button below to get specific pricing information based on your ideal hot tub setup! Our free service can save you thousands!

Tyler Connaghan

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