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With so many incredible swim spa companies on the market, finding the right swim spa model for your needs can seem like a challenge. 

To save you time, we've done hours of extensive research to bring you our favorite swim spas from one of the top companies in the industry.

Our review will help you narrow down the ThermoSpas model that includes all the features you're looking for.

Let's dive in. 

Our top picks for thermospa swim spas
Thermospas 12’ Swim Spa
  • Smallest model in the lineup
  • 12-person capacity
  • ThermoFlex Swim Nozzles
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Thermospas 14’ Swim Spa
  • Best for exercise and relaxation
  • 12-person capacity
  • Two ergonomic therapy seats
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Thermospas 17’ Swim Spa
  • Best for tall swimmers
  • 14-person capacity
  • Two ergonomic therapy seats
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Thermospas Aquacisor
  • Best hybrid option
  • 4-person capacity
  • 67 hydrotherapy jets
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Thermospa Swim Spa Prices

Before we get into the weeds, you might be wondering,

"How much does one of these Thermospas Swim Spas cost?"

Well, the answer is that the cost depends on a lot of things. Comparing this brand to others on the market, however, it is easy to see that Thermospas delivers some of the best value around.

The price range is quite wide, starting at around $12,000 and moving up to around $30,000.

You can find out more about the price of swim spas by clicking the button below. It's our job to save you time and provide multiple quotes from local dealers based on your ideal swim spa or hot tub setup.

Who Is Thermospas?

Thermospas has been around since 1983. As with most similar companies, the Thermospsas company started out manufacturing hot tubs.

They didn't launch into the consumer hot tub business until around 1995. Nowadays, Thermospas models can be found in homes across the country with a variety of swim spas and hot tubs in the company lineup.

Top Thermospas Swim Spa Models

Thermospas 12' Swim Spa

The Thermospas 12' Swim Spa is the smallest model in the company lineup, acting as a personal gym for anyone who wants to enjoy aquatic exercise without ever having to leave their backyard.

This particular Thermospas swim spa features more than enough room for up to 12 adults and is perfect for exploring the benefits of year-round fun and exercise.

On one end of the Thermospas 12' Swim Spa, you'll find the cutting-edge Thermospas ThermoFlex swim nozzles, which provide users with a swim current to get the best low-impact workout possible.

One unique thing we love about these Thermospas swim spas is that they now have Thermospas SoftStride mats, which sit in the footwell for additional comfort and safety.

When you are all done with your workout, you can move on over to one of the four corners of the Thermospas swim spa to enjoy unique a hydrotherapy experience with ultra-comfortable, ergonomic therapy seats. The seats are designed to fit with the natural curves of the human body and deliver a wonderful massage experience that targets all of the necessary muscle groups, very similar to what you would find in a hot tub.

If you're low on space, yet want to take advantage of all of the best benefits of swim spas and hot tubs, then look no further than the Thermospas 12' Swim Spa from Thermospas Swim Spas.

The Thermospas 14' Swim Spa delivers a relaxing water massage and plenty of fitness benefits that are perfect for those who want to get in exercise and relaxation without ever having to leave their home.

There are two ergonomic therapy seats found on one end of the swim spa, which delivers the highest-quality massage experience around.

Of course, at the opposite end of the Thermospas spa lies the powerful swim jets, which output an incredibly smooth water current.

The swim jets are completely adjustable, meaning any swimmer will be able to create the perfect current for their needs.

The Thermospas buoyancy jet at the end is completely backlit, combining LED lighting with the current to help the swimmer stay in the ideal position.

One of the great things about the Thermospas 14' swim spa is that it comes with an ultra-wide, open shell, which leaves plenty of room in the swimming channel for all kinds of exercise. Pair that with the Thermospas hip jets for stability and you get some of the best aquatic exercise on the market.

Whether you are a tall swimmer, looking for a bit more space to swim, or just looking for the swim spa that can fit the most people, we recommend taking a deeper look at the 17' Swim Spa.

You get the best value when compared to similar large swim spas from other companies on the market.

On the first end of the Thermospas 17' swim spa, you will find two therapy seats, which were made to give consumers the best massage experience possible. 

The jets in these seats work on different muscles and joints that are common pain points for most people. The experience is very similar to what you find in new-age hot tubs.

On the opposite end of the Thermospas 17' swim spa lies dual swim jets, which use high-quality pumps to produce one of the smoothest swim currents around. Of course, the swim jets are completely adjustable, allowing consumers to adjust the difficulty level for their particular exercise routine. It's like swimming laps in a pool that you have total control over.

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The Thermospas 17' Swim Spa also has a backlit Thermospas buoyancy jet, which helps keep users in place while swimming. One thing we often see in reviews for this particular swim spa is the love for the ultra-wide shell design. With added width, you barely get any wave reflection from the jets. Plus, the hip jets keep you aligned for the ideal swimming experience.

Thermospas Aquacisor

If you're looking for a smaller alternative, you might check out the Thermospa Hot Tub and Swim Spa hybrid known as the Aquacisor.

Thermospas offers consumers the world's deepest hot tub, which is used as a resistance training machine.

You get excellent low-impact exercise options and powerful jets, which create the perfect current for jogging, rowing, and strength training.

Once you are done working out, you can sit and take advantage of a soothing full-body massage thanks to the 67 hydrotherapy jets.

Relax your head on the pillow jets to take advantage of one of the best neck and shoulder massages that Thermospas offers or take a jog using the jets.

If you are looking to customize your Thermospas hot tub, you can check out the array of LED lighting options and the deluxe stereo.

Beyond all of that, this particular Thermospas hot tub and swim spa combo has enough room for up to seven adults with its larger-than-average seating capacity, meaning there is more than enough room for the whole family to enjoy.

Thermospas Swim Spas - One Of The Best Swim Spa Companies Out There?

Thermospas Swim Spas are one-of-a-kind. People from all over the world purchase Thermospas swim spas and hot tubs and the brand review are consistently high.

While the Thermospas company might be best known for its hot tubs, there is so much expert advice out there that says Thermospas Swim Spas are some of the best swim spas on the market.

If you're in the market for cutting-edge designs, high-quality jets, and all of the best features of a swimming pool and hot tub combined, then we highly recommend getting your hands on one of these Thermospas Swim Spas.

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