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With over 30 years of history in the industry, Thermospas' quality hot tubs have earned awards from the Better Business Bureau and the National Spa & Pool Institute.

But with several close competitors, are they the right brand for your specific needs?

After reading our in-depth review of Thermospas, you'll have all the information needed in order to determine if they're the company you should invest in.

So let’s dive in and see what the Thermospa brand is all about.

Our top picks for thermospas
Atlantis Series
  • Best for small families
  • Tons of legroom
  • Computerized control panel
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Maui Series
  • Best for compact spaces
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pillow jets
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Manhattan Series
  • Best for luxury buyers
  • 172 hydrotherapy jets
  • Deluxe LED Lighting package
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Park Avenue Series
  • Best for hydrotherapy
  • 118 hydrotherapy jets
  • Pillow and whirlpool jets
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Thermospas Prices

Now before we get into the reviews, let’s take a quick look at Thermospas prices.

For the most basic hot tubs on offer by Thermospas, you are looking at around $5,000. For the more high-end customized tubs with added features, you are looking at up to $20,000.

What’s unique about Thermospas hot tub products is that they don’t sell their hot tub products to retailers. Retailers generally would increase the price of a hot tub before selling, but with Thermospas they sell only direct to consumers. Big win for consumers!

The average selling price of hot tub products generally is in the region of $10,000 to $18,000. Thermospas prices are very reasonable when compared with other brands and products in the market. Thermospas prices include site inspection and maintenance.

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Thermospas Reviews

#1 Atlantis Series

The Thermospas hot Atlantis Series is the perfect hot tub for a family of 4.

The family will love this hot tub with plenty of room for all members, unique seating, and extra-legroom all made for comfortable soaking.

This Thermospa tub also has cool-down seating options which are ideal for children.

As for features, this hot tub comes with a computerized control panel that is easy to use, LED underwater lighting options, pillow jets, and comfortable lounge seating with armrests.

There is also the option to include grab bars.

With all Thermospas hot tubs, the Atlantis Series includes a 20-year structural warranty.

The Thermospas Maui Series is ideal for anyone looking for a smaller hot tub with comfortable seating for up to 3.

The Maui Series hot tubs are compact in size with 25 jets, energy-efficient whilst still maintaining many of the features of the larger Thermospas hot tub models.

The Maui hot tub has deep wide therapy seats, pillow jets, and elegant design.

It is one of the most budget-friendly spa models and with its compact size allows you to take your spa indoors.

 Maui Series hot tubs can fit through the regular door in most homes so would be the perfect option for anyone wanting an indoor spa.

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If you're looking for a large luxurious hot tub, then the Manhattan Series is the one for you.  

The Manhattan Series is the largest hot tub in the Thermospas line up, holding up to 172 jets.

These hot tubs offer it all from extra legroom, headrests to wraparound corner seating and therapy seat features.

Seating in the Manhattan Series is ideal for parties or big families with seating angles for easy conversation.

This hot tub seats 8 adults and offers a SoftSeat Easy Entry System with a slip-resistant easy entrance to the tub.

 Other features include a built-in ice bucket, deluxe LED lighting package, various shell colors, and ozone sanitation systems.

The Manhattan Series is unique to other models and has everything you would want from a hot tub. The option to be able to entertain a large group of people but still have your own therapy seat is perfect!

Between the compact Maui and the larger sized Manhattan Series lies the Park Avenue Series.

This model is Thermospas most popular out of all their hot tub products and it's easy to see why.

This is a 5 person tub and can hold up to 118 jets at various jet configurations and is regarded as the perfect sized hot tub.

The spa offers 2 different types of massage in that each end has different jets. 

The hot tub features a cover lifter plus pillow and whirlpool jets which are ideal for tired muscles after a long day.

As with the other Thermospas models above, the Park Avenue Series can be upgraded to meet your needs with customization or by including systems such as the Total Control Therapy system.

Thermospas Consumer Reviews

Consumers across the board are impressed with Thermospas hot tub products and here are some of the consumer reviews we would like to share:

Thermospas Consumer Review
Consumer Review one

Thermospas Parts 

For replacement parts or to purchase some backup tub products for your Thermospas, we recommend the Thermospas website.

The Thermospas website features an online store that is great and has a huge selection of parts and accessories.

Alternatively, you can find Thermospas replacement parts and hot tub products such as jets, filters, and controls on the iSpa Part website.


Thermospas Warranty 

Thermospas has a premium warranty that comes standard with all of its hot tub products.

As most of the other spa manufacturers offer a warranty on their hot tub products for 5 years, Thermospas appears to have gone one better by offering a 20-year warranty.

The company boasts that this is the best warranty in the hot tub industry.

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  • 20-Year Structural Warranty -  Thermospas products warranty protects consumers from defects in material and workmanship for 20 years.
  • 10-Year Shell Warranty – Thermospas warrants the shell surface in regards to the material and workmanship for 10 years.
  • 3-Year Cabinet Warranty – Thermospas cabinets are warranted to maintain structure for 3 years after delivery to the consumer.
  • 10-Year Equipment Warranty – The Thermospas equipment warranty includes pumps, heaters, wall fittings, jets, and plumbing for 10 years.

Thermospas Financing 

Thermospas financing terms allow you to enjoy your hot tub right away with the convenience of paying overtime in the form of monthly payments.

You can apply for the Thermospas financing conveniently on the company’s website.

Thermospas Troubleshooting 

The Thermospas website has useful information to answer any troubleshooting questions you may have. The website outlines each problem with a cause and a solution which can be really helpful.

Owner manuals and user guides are also available on the Thermospas website should you need the support and guidance.

Final Verdict – Should I Choose The Thermospas Brand?

Thermospas are a leading manufacturer in the spa industry with over 30 years of experience offering a wide range of hot tubs to suit everyone's taste. The company has a great reputation among consumers and Pool & Spa professionals alike. 

The Thermospas product line up has tubs that range from the budget-friendly compact size to high-end luxury large items. With 8 hot tub models and the option to customize your own hot tub products online a Thermospas hot tub really is a top pick.

Thermospas offers an impressive 20-year warranty and some of the most reasonably priced hot tubs on the market, thanks to their strategy of selling direct to consumers. When comparing to other brands, the Thermospas price appears to be more reasonable.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect spa, you definitely need to check out the impressive Thermospas line-up!

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