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TidalFit claims to have some of the best swim spas and exercise pools on the market today.

However, the real question is,

Are TidalFit swim spas the right choice for your needs?

Trying to research and compare thousands of models on the market can take a long time. Luckily, we've done the research for you.

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Our top picks for tidalfit swim spa
DTL-8 Fit Spa
  • Best for low-impact exercise
  • Dual temperature design
  • Advanced digital control system
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Pro EP-15
  • Premier exercise pol
  • Has a semi in-ground version
  • Advanced digital control system
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How Much Does A TidalFit Swim Spa Cost?

TidalFit Swim Spas have quite a range when it comes to pricing. At the low end, you could find one of these high-quality models for around $13,000. If you choose to purchase the latest and greatest model from TidalFit, you may end up spending around $35,000.

Of course, pricing depends on a number of factors, including the model, special add-ons, dealer, location, delivery, installation, and more.

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Who Is TidalFit?

TidalFit is a branch of swim spas under the Artesian Spas corporate brand. They have been manufacturing top-notch swim spas for many years, and have a number of patents under their belt, including the DualFit Temp FitSpas and the Active EP exercise pools.

The Artesian Spas company is one of the top hot tub and swim spa manufacturers the industry today, so you know that you are getting top-of-the-line products when you shop with them. In many ways, TidalFit is the alternative to the Endless Pool brand, which is another notable swim spa manufacturer that has been around for many years.

Top TidalFit Swim Spa Models

DTL-8 Fit Spa

The DTL-8 Fit Spa is a one-of-a-kind dual-temperature swim spa with several standard features that make it a top-notch pick for many fitness enthusiasts.

The DTL-8 is packed full of exercise options, perfect for just about any kind of swimmer or lover of low-impact exercise out there.

Of course, one of the biggest selling points is the dual temperature design, which allows users to adjust the temperature of the water between the two parts of the swim spa separately.

To make those adjustments, users must operate the advanced digital control system.

With a color LCD panel and a multi-lingual, easy-to-use interface, making adjustments feels more intuitive than ever before.

Some of the notable standard features that you'll find on the TidalFit DTL-8 include the 12V, 3.5" spa light, the Helix SS Jet Diesing, the Hi-Flo Circulation System that uses micro filtering technology, and the dual foot blaster jets. Even beyond having the best swim of your life, you'll be able to enjoy round-the-clock hydrotherapy thanks to the massaging jets.

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For those that really want to amp up their spa experience, there are a few additional features to choose from, including the built-in stereo system, advanced LED lighting, an 18" tranquility waterfall, a Wi-Fi app module, and a number of custom water purification systems.

One thing we absolutely love about this brand is that they give consumers a number of subtle, yet classic colors to choose from for the acrylic and spa side.

Overall, this is the top swim spa in the TidalFit lineup, perfect for year-round exercise and relaxation.

Pro EP-15

The Pro EP-15 is the premier TidalFit exercise pool for those who are all about the fitness aspects of swim spas.

At 15' long, there is more than enough room for the tallest of swimmers to enjoy, yet it doesn't feel so big that it would take up far too much space in the average backyard.

The great thing about the EP-15 is that consumers can choose between two different models, including the standard above-ground version and the semi-inground version. 

The semi-inground version is quite unique as it is partially sunk into the ground like your average swimming pool.

For those who live in a harsh, cold climate, or for those who need to prioritize energy efficiency, going with the semi-inground option is a wonderful choice.

Some of the top, notable features on the TidalFit EP-15 include the maintenance-free Grandwood cabinet, the Hi-Flo water circulation system, the dual-grab rails for easy entry and exit, the full-foam insulation design with an ABS bottom, and the 12V, 5" spa light.

Users can easily control the various parameters of the EP-15 using the advanced digital control system, which comes standard on this particular TidalFit model. As with the DTL-8, this TidalFit Exercise swim spa has a color LCD panel with a Wi-Fi ready design, as well as a multi-lingual interface for incredible versatility.

For those who want a large swim area with quality swim jets and additional features, the TidalFit Pro EP-15 is a great choice.

Can You Really Swim In A Swim Spa?

Absolutely! That is purely what they are made for. In the case of TidalFit swim spa models, every one of these swim spas come with one of two swim jet systems, including the Quad Swim Jet System or the Badu Swim Jet System.

The Quad system makes use of four jets. While not as powerful as the Badu system, it is the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate swimmers. It should be noted that the in-ground models only have Quad jets available.

For serious swimmers and fitness enthusiasts, the Badu jets might be a better choice. They utilize a 4-horsepower pump and require fewer water intake valves, making it more energy-efficient when outputting high swim currents. With the flow rate of the Badu jets, you get an edge when in the swim area at top speeds.

In many ways, utilizing jets in swim spas give swimmers a much better and controllable style of exercise compared to swimming in swimming pools. With unique swim jet systems, you can cater the speeds to your needs and get an even, full-body workout with steadier swim currents.

For those interested in getting out of the pool and taking their swimming to the ocean, having a swim spa is a great first step.

Final Thoughts - Is A TidalFit Swim Spa Worth It?

If you're looking for quality, reliability, and versatility, then we would say TidalFit is a wonderful brand to choose from.

All of the TidalFit swim spa models come with an array of fitness options, allowing people to switch up and customize their exercise routines.

Whether you want to enjoy some low-impact, aquatic running, or use the waist-belted tether for some stabilized swimming, there are many exercise options to float between.

You can even add in some exercise equipment, such as stretch cords or row bars.

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In our eyes, TidalFit is one of the best swim spa manufacturers on the market, even though they might feel out-marketed by some of the larger brands in the industry. 

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