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Tiger Rivers Spas fall under the same umbrella company that manufactures Hot Spring Spas, arguably one of the most popular spa manufacturers on the market today. 

If you've stumbled upon the Tiger River line of spas and hot tubs and are wondering if any of the models are right for you, we're here to help.

Today we want to dig in and talk about the incredible features that this brand offers within its various spa models.

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Our top picks for tiger river spas
Tiger River Bengal
  • Best Overall
  • Five-person capacity
  • Best Feature: SilentFlo 5000 Circulation Pump
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Tiger River Sumatran
  • Best for smaller spaces
  • Four-person capacity
  • Best Feature: Hydrotherapy jets
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Hydromassage Capabilities

There is no better remedy for sore or aching muscles than a hydromassage. The combination of warm water, pressure, and buoyancy helps to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, intended to wash away the stress of the day.

From gentle and comfortable massage settings to invigorating and powerful massage settings, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the hydrotherapy jets on a Tiger River spa.

All of the models in the lineup come complete with interchangeable and directional water jets, which used flow-enhanced nozzles and dual-port rotary nozzles for a high-pressure massage experience.

All of the models in the lineup make use of a high-output JetStream, which penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, helping to soothe and heal. One of our favorite things about these tubs is the Jet-Cluster systems. Essentially, these are groups of jets that sit concentrated on a particular area of the body, including the neck, back, or shoulders.

You can even turn on the FootWell system to soothe aching feet after being on them all day. Overall, these hot tubs provide a thorough hydrotherapy experience for a low price, which is the goal for many when looking for a hot tub.

Comfortable Interiors

Whether you're looking to nestle up with a loved one or stretch your limbs out full-length, there are plenty of seating options available in the Tiger River hot tub lineup.

The Siberian model provides a fully-immersed experience for the whole family to enjoy while the Bengal model provides additional lounge seating.

Plenty of seating options

All of the Tiger River hot tub models in the lineup come with position-controlled dimmer lights, great for accenting the mood and creating backyard ambiance. The unique LED lighting system doesn't use nearly as much energy as standard light bulbs. Plus, they're rated for up to 100,000 hours of use before you'll ever need to replace them.

Durable Design

While people often look to the artful designs of hot tub models, a fair amount of the time it truly depends on what is on the inside. Tiger River spa models are reliable, efficient, and all-muscle, utilizing durable components that last.

The standard design makes use of a No-Fault heater, which is completely resistant to corrosion thanks to the fact that it is housed in an 825 Incolloy sheat. Because it has low-wattage density, it also lasts a lot longer. You'll never have to stress about replacing your heating component later down the line.

Beyond their durability and reliability, these spa models transfer heat more efficiently than most hot tub models on the market. For starters, they use dedicated circulation pumps and jet pumps, which only utilize energy when necessary.

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Intuitive Controls

Even with such sophisticated designs, Tiger River keeps it simple with its control system. Each tub uses the IQ2020 spa system, which allows users to select the desired temperature. The system then does the rest of the work for you.

Thanks to the fact that the filtration and heating systems are completely automatic, you never need to worry about programming anything. to help maintain the temperature that you enjoy, you can lock it in with a touch code so that no one can come in and mess with your settings.

You can start your cleaning cycle with the push of a button as well. When ten minutes are up and the cleaning cycle is finished, the system will automatically turn off, saving you energy.

All of these controls sit present on the reversible LED display so that you can make adjustments day or night with ease. To make things even more convenient, you can use the optional Navigator deluxe remote control to operate the spa functions so that you can relax.

Easy Water Care

Easy Water Care

The last thing that you want to deal with while you're trying to sit back and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time in your hot tub is dirty water.

With the cleaning system installed in each hot tub model, you can always count on a crystal-clear look.

Though you can't hear it while it's in action, you will always know that your filtration system is in the works, as Tiger River built its filtration system to be continuous. 

Consumers also have the option of upgrading to the EverFresh system, which takes a more natural approach to cleaning, making use of silver ions and ozone.

Each model makes use of a FreshStart 10,000 Pre-Filter, which takes care of algae, rust, detergents, dirt, unwanted chemicals, and more. With the FreshWater III, you get a high concentration of ozone that keeps your tub as clean as possible.

Cover Removal Systems

One unique thing about the brand's lineup is that they utilize cover removal systems. The last thing you want to do is store your new cover on the ground where it can collect dirt and debris or grow mold.

These models use the CoverCradle, which is a sophisticated system that holds the covers on springs to gently glide them into place when you're done with your soak.

For low-clearance areas, we highly recommend the UpRite system. Because it stores vertically, helping to minimize the space required, it is the perfect choice for gazebos or decks.

Final Thoughts - Should You Get a Tiger River Hot Tub?

If you've been in the market for a high-quality, low-cost hot tub, then this is the brand to check out.

While they have many great options packed full of reliability, durability, and elegance, if we had to recommend one model, it would be the Tiger River Sumatran.

The Tiger River Sumatran has a four-person capacity with standard bucket seats.

Even though it came out back in 2006, it is still one of the most highly sought-after models in their lineup.

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It comes in an azure-grey color and has a high-quality jet system. Plus, if you're on a serious budget, the low price is absolutely phenomenal considering the features onboard. There is no better deal on the market today.

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