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With some of the most superior craftsmanship in the hot tub industry, Tranquility Spas has quickly made a name for itself in the world of established hot tub manufacturers.

Of course, you're most likely here because you're wondering if buying a hot tub from Tranquility is the right decision. The good news is that you've come to the right place.

Today, we're going to explore the Tranquility Spas brand to help you determine if it's the right brand for your needs!


7 Adults

6 Adults with Lounge

5 Adults with Lounge

# of Jets

40 Two-Tone

41 Two-Tone

26 Two Tone


86" x 86" x 36"

86" x 86" x 36"

78" x 78" x 36"

Tranquility Spas Prices

Like many other hot tub brands, Tranquility Spas does not share its prices online without customers making a pricing request first. However, this spa brand is an entry-level brand with a ton of budget-friendly and mid-tier hot tubs.

The average hot tub from Tranquility Spas costs around $5,700, which is an extraordinarily fair price considering the high-end features included with these spas. No one wants to end up with a cheap hot tub that will break in a few years, and although Tranquility's prices are on the low end, that is not the type of product they produce. You'll be able to enjoy the health and wellness from the hydrotherapy of a Tranquility spa for a long time, as they have proved to have significant longevity.

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Tranquility Spas Models

Lake Champlain

The Lake Champlain is the largest model in the Tranquility Series spas, perfect for those who want to host get-togethers and parties in their backyards!

With enough room for seven people and 40 two-tone jets, you can enjoy a hydrotherapy experience like no other!

This 7 person hot tub provides the top premium features found in Tranquility models, including a long-lasting 4kW heater, high-end Balboa controls, and GreenGuard Rockwool insulation for added energy efficiency.

The Monticello is a highly popular option in the Tranquility lineup, delivering total comfort and, dare we say, tranquility.

It supplies more than enough room for up to six adults, as well as a comfortable lounger for getting that deep soak you've been daydreaming about.

There are 41 two-tone jets strategically placed throughout the spa's interior, targeting all of your biggest muscle problems, including your neck, shoulders, back, and legs.

The Kitty Hawk model has many of the latest innovations found in the other spas above, though also comes with a unique lounger seat for a full-body massage experience.

While bucket seats can be more than enough for a comfortable soaking experience, having the ability to fully immerse yourself in warm water while the jets dig the knots out of those aching muscles is an absolute dream.

Plus, the Kitty Hawk model has more than enough room for up to five people, making it an excellent choice for small families!

Benefits & Drawbacks


Top-Notch Features

One of the biggest benefits of Tranquility is that you get high-end features with budget hot tubs. Some of the top features found on these hot tubs include LED cabinet lighting, LED illuminated waterfalls, lighted fountains, and perimeter lighting.

With a Tranquility spa, you can create the backyard ambiance that you've been dreaming about.


Some budget hot tubs use low-grade materials for construction, which end up warping and rotting over time. Tranquility, on the other hand, uses galvanized steel for its frames. All of the frames use superior artisanship and are precision engineered for strength and longevity. Visit our How Long Do Hot Tubs Last article to learn more.

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Every model comes with a Weathershield thermal cover as well, which provides added protection from the elements. This cover is tapered with energy-efficient EPS foam and wrapped in 100% polyester.

Compared to traditional vinyl covers, this thermal cover is three times as strong and weighs 25% less, making it much easier to take it on and off the top.


Even those who live in the most unforgiving environments can still enjoy Tranquility models throughout the year thanks to the built-in Greenguard Rockwool insulation. This unique insulation technology uses Rockwool insulated panels throughout the cabinetry and base. If you're going to be using your hot tub in the snow, this is definitely a brand to consider.

Rockwool does not absorb moisture and has a high R-value, helping to keep your water warm while saving you energy costs. To learn more, head over to our recent article: How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub


All of Tranquility's spas use factory-installed ozonators to maintain clean water. Ozonators act like oxidizers, destroying organic contaminants that act as food for harmful bacteria living in your water. With this ozonator installed, you can reduce the number of chemicals you need to use in your water. Not only does this save you money by not needing to buy as many products, but it also saves your skin and hair from the harshness of these chemical products.


Lack of Customization

While there are plenty of great features included in the Tranquility series spas, customers don't have access to many customizable features. Some companies focus on making the user's hot tub experience as customizable as possible, and unfortunately, Tranquility is not one of them.

If customizability is what you're looking for, you might consider looking at hot tubs manufactured by some of the companies below.

Other Noteworthy Brands


If luxury and personalization are what you're looking for, then we recommend looking at spas from Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi is arguably one of the most recognizable brand names in the industry, as their name is synonymous with hot tubs.

The brand has been in business since the 1950s, making it one of the longest-lasting manufacturers on the market today.

The company's focus is on health and wellness, which is why they use their patented aerated jets to this day.

You won't find the same level of massage therapy that you find with Jacuzzi in other brands.

Hot Springs Spas are similar to Jacuzzi in many ways, in that the company focuses on wellness while making reliable and budget-friendly models for new customers to choose from.

One of the main advantages they have over their competitors is the quality of their upper-level models. Head over to Jacuzzi vs Hot Springs for for further explanation.

Hot Springs has worked with Designworks for quite some time, which is a company under the BWM Group.

Essentially, if you want a high-end model that shares the same craftsmanship and design as a new BMW, then you can find it here.

Beyond that, many customers love how readily available Hot Springs parts are. 

Even if you purchase an older model that is well out of warranty, you'll still be able to find the right replacement parts through their large warehouses.

Lastly, Hot Springs gives customers the option to install a salt water system, which you won't find in many other models. One of the biggest advantages of saltwater systems is that they are ultra-sanitary while helping to keep your skin and hair healthy while you soak.

Yes, it is possible to get out of the water without smelling like chlorine for the rest of the day!

Why Choose A Tranquility Hot Tub?

With Tranquility Spas, you get access to some of the latest innovations in the industry along with tough models that limit your maintenance needs.

With ergonomically enhanced designs, optimal hydrotherapy controls, proprietary insulation systems, and multi-color LED lighting, you'll have everything you need to elevate your health and wellness for many years to come!

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