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Tropic Seas provides high-end, customizable spas for just about anyone looking for a good soak!

With ergonomic designs and handcrafted artistry, you get nothing short of the ultimate luxury spa experience with Tropic Seas spas.

Of course, you might be wondering,

Is Tropic Seas the right brand for me?

Come dive in with us as we explore some of the top hot tub models found in the Tropic Seas Spas lineup!






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Tropic Seas Prices

Of course, the first thing you'll likely look at when trying to find your perfect spa is the price.

As with many hot tub manufacturers, Tropic Seas Spas does not list its prices online. If you want to obtain more information regarding specific pricing, you'll have to put in a quote request on the company's website.

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Tropic Seas Hot Tub Models


The Waikiki is one of the company's most popular models. This spa can fit up to six people and comes with both captain's chairs and lounge seating. In addition, you'll find 64 high-end jets, perfect for the ultimate hydrotherapy.

The Waikiki hot tub is an excellent choice if you're looking to soak with the whole family or your group of friends.

Plus, you'll get to enjoy the many high-end, luxury hot tub features this model comes with, including the LCD digital control panel, LED Pillowfall, and Dual Aqua Foot Jets. There are even a few great optional features that you can spruce up your spa experience with, including the Bluetooth Music Experience and the Optix AOP water purification system.

If the lounge isn't that important to you and you'd rather have more room to invite guests over, we highly recommend checking out the Fiji model . The Fiji has several jet arrangements and lovely open barrier seating, allowing you to hang out and enjoy your company.

There are seven seats in the Fiji and 51 high-end hydrotherapy jets. You can enjoy all the perks found in the Waikiki, including the ozone water purification system, the LCD digital control panel, LED Pillowfall, and Dual Aqua Foot Jets for an incredible hydrotherapy experience. If you're in the market for a spacious 7 person hot tub and quality jets to soothe those aching muscles, the Fiji spa is a top-notch choice.

This high-end hot tub delivers beautifully-sculpted lines and comfortable seating for prime, zen-style soaking.

In addition, you can enjoy power hydrotherapy jets to soothe your muscles at the end of a long day, helping to relax your body from head to toe.

The textured seat and floor design feels great and helps you sink in to enjoy the jets even more.

With seven seats and 64 jets, you have more than enough room for the entire family!

If handcrafted artistry is what you're interested in, this spa model is one of the best in the Tropic Seas Spas lineup.

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Whether you're lacking space in your backyard or you're into the idea of creating a quiet space where you can relax in peace, the Tonga model is a great option. This efficient spa is comfortable and compact, offering seats for up to four people, including bench seats and bucket seats.

You'll find 27 jets in the Tonga model, allowing you to unwind and relax at the end of a long workday. Plus, you still get all of the same features found in the hot tubs above, including the digital control system with an LCD topside, ozone filtration, ThermalWrap insulation, and a maintenance-free Royalwood cabinet.

Benefits & Drawbacks


High-End Features

Within the Tropic Seas Spas line, you'll find a wide variety of incredible, high-end features. Some of the top features found on these hot tubs include:

  • Weather Guard Spa Covers
  • 5.5kW Heaters
  • ThermalWrap Insulation with ABS Bottom
  • LCD Digital Control System

  • TropicFall Waterfalls

  • TropicStar LED Lighting

  • RoyalWood Cabinetry

  • Stainless Steel/Graphite Jets

  • Acrylic Shells

You can even pick from various add-ons, including full-foam insulation, Bluetooth stereo systems, Optix water purification systems, and more!

If you're in the market for a luxurious soaking experience, know that Tropic Seas Spas can definitely deliver that.

Total Customization

One great thing about Tropic Seas Spas is that you can create your own spa experience. Many hot tub brands only have stock models and don't allow buyers to customize their hot tubs with the design elements they desire.

With Tropic Seas Spas, you can create your own wellness by building your own personalized hot tub.


Warranty Troubles

In reviews, some customers noted that they had trouble with the manufacturing warranties when their spas stopped working or certain parts wore out after months of use.

When buying a new spa, you want to make sure that you have a good warranty in place. There's nothing worse than investing thousands of dollars into a spa and not receiving the customer service you deserve if or when something goes wrong.

If you're thinking of purchasing one of these models from Tropic Seas Spas, we highly urge you to go over the warranty first and compare it to other similarly priced hot tub brands.

Other Noteworthy Brands

Master Spas

Master Spas is a manufacturer based out of the United States, offering a combination of desirable customizations and unique, standard spa designs.

You'll find 21 models to choose from in the Master Spas lineup, many of which fall into the entry-level and mid-range tier.

You'll also find four different product lines, some of which offer basic designs.

In contrast, others have premium elements, such as the bio-magnetic therapy system, which can heal chronic aches and pains in muscles and joints.

If you're looking for a spa company with awesome upgrades, Master Spas is an excellent choice. You'll find UV-C and ozone sanitation, Bluetooth audio, and a Wi-Fi module.

PDC Spas has some of the best large-capacity hot tubs on the market, perfect for those who like the idea of creating a party atmosphere in their backyard.

There are 16 models to choose from, each unique in design.

There are plenty of ways to relax, from budget-friendly to premium hot tubs.

Plus, each of the hot tubs in the PDC Spas lineup comes with a 35-year warranty, which can provide you with peace of mind after making your purchase.

Why Choose A Tropic Seas Hot Tub?

As you can see, with tons of cool design elements and luxury jet systems to soothe those aching muscles and help you relax, a Tropic Seas Spas model is a wonderful choice.

While Tropic Seas may not have the best customer service or warranty program compared to a few other high-end brands, they deliver quality spas at reasonable prices, great whether you're buying a new spa for the first time or if you consider yourself a hot-tubbing veteran.

We hope our review was helpful in narrowing down your choice! If you'd like to continue browsing through other brands, 

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