Contributing Author

Tyler Connaghan

My name is Tyler Connaghan and I’m a Los Angeles Native, self-professed zen addict, and a lover of the outdoors. I believe that positive mental attitude is the foundation for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

At this point I might as well be a fish, as most of my time is spent is spent in the water, whether paddling out in the ocean blue or submerging in my hot tub after a long days’ work.

Sometimes this fish likes to take advantage of the land, though, which is why I spend a good portion of my time hiking, biking, skating, and doing outdoor projects in my backyard. My love for the outdoors began as a child when I would spend time in my mother’s garden. I quickly learned about the dedication and patience it takes to manage a successful garden, which is why I now tend to my own vegetable plot at home, growing everything from turnips to plant lettuce to radishes and more!