Walk In Tub Shower Combo

Walk-in tubs can make life a million times easier for those with mobility issues.

However, if you only have a walk-in tub, what about those days when you're looking to take a quick shower and get on with it?

With walk-in tub shower combos, having the best of both worlds is possible. But, of course, these tubs are an investment. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands on one of these combo models that doesn't have the right feature to fit your needs and wants.

Luckily, we've done quite a bit of research.

Come dive in with us as we explore 3 of the best walk-in tub shower combo brands on the market today!

Best For

Luxury Buyers

Small Spaces

Budget Buyers / Wide selection





Top Features

Massage jets, digital features, aromatherapy system, rainfall ceiling shower

Air or water jets, contoured seating, vertical design

Contoured seating, safety features, ozone cleaning system, jets, Quick Drain system


The 3 Best Walk-In Tub Shower Combination Brands

Sienna worked hand-in-hand with the Jacuzzi company to build a small line of computerized walk-in tubs with shower and steam attachments. So if you're looking to optimize your walk-in shower far beyond what you'd get with a standard company, Sienna is the brand for you.

You can purchase this walk-in tub in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your bathroom space to fit your current decor.

The shower tub lineup that Sienna offers includes much larger models made from stainless steel, tempered glass, and acrylic. However, because the company makes corner models, you can still maximize the space in your bathroom while creating a spa-like experience.

Sienna steam showers deliver acupuncture massage jets and whirlpool massage jets, perfect for healing sore or aching muscles.

Beyond your standard walk-in tub features, some models, like the Sienna Computerized Steam Shower, have an 8.4" LC television and are compatible with CDs and MP3 players. With a rainfall ceiling shower, aromatherapy technology, and a foot massage unit, we can't think of a better walk-in shower tub that can provide a spa-like experience.

Of course, Sienna didn't forget about safety features. Some of the standard safety features you'll find on these models include

  • Ventilation fans
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Emergency alarm
  • Grab bars

Plus, unlike many walk-in tub showers, you have plenty of storage for your towels, shampoo, and body wash.

If you're dealing with a bathroom that has limited space, we recommend looking at the walk-in tubs from Sanctuary. The company's walk-in tubs make use of high-quality acrylic material, which looks great in just about any bathroom and offers users a very comfortable standing space. Plus, the industrial-grade acrylic is long-lasting, perfect for those who plan on making a long-term investment with their walk-in shower.

The walk-in shower models from Sanctuary come with your standard safety features, including grab bars, overflow drains, and faucets. If you choose to pay a bit more, you can even add air jets, water jets, or both!

Sanctuary units are very low-maintenance and come with heavy-duty doors that seal with ease.

You can choose between Small, Medium, and Large sizes depending on the size of your bathroom and your needs.

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If you live in an apartment or condo and don't have tons of room to install a massive shower combo, Sanctuary is the brand for you.

American Standard - Best for Budget Buyers

Don't let the fact that American Standard is the most budget-friendly walk-in tub manufacturer on the list dissuade you.

To this day, this walk-in tub manufacturer has one of the best selections of walk-in tubs and shower models.

In fact, there are over 200 models to choose from, which is pretty impressive.

You get access to the expected safety features, including the door seal, grab bars, and non-slip floor.

What's even better about American Standard walk-in tubs is that most of the models come with an ozone cleaning system to keep your bathtub as clean as possible at all times.

Those in search of a spa-like experience will enjoy the additional features you can opt to customize these walk-in tubs with, including water jets, heated whirlpool jets, or targeted air jets. If you need a deep massage for your back or legs, you can get it with an American Standard walk-in tub.

One of the award-winning features in American Standard tubs is the Quick Drain water system, which can drain all of the water in the bathtub in less than two minutes.

Factors To Consider When Buying


One of the first things you'll need to determine is how much you want to spend on your walk-in tub and shower combo. The cost of one of these models can vary quite a bit, ranging from $3,000 to $15,000+ depending on the model you choose.

While it's possible to find walk-in tubs for less than $3,000, you won't get many of the same safety features and luxury features that you'd find in other, more expensive walk-in tubs.

Beyond the initial cost, you'll also need to determine how much it will cost to install your walk-in tub. Expect to pay anywhere between $700 and $1,500 depending on the laborer that you hire.

Design Features

There are many standard walk-in tub shower models, though some have unique designs for special cases.

For example, if you're in a wheelchair, you should look for a walk-in shower with wheelchair accessibility. These shower models come with an extra-wide door and unique grab bars or handrails for wheelchair accessibility.

If you are over 300 pounds and require a walk-in shower with a larger capacity, look for bariatric tubs.

Safety Features

Safety features should be a priority when looking for the best walk-in tub. We recommend looking for walk-in tubs that have an ADA-compliant sign. Walk-in tubs compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act meet exceptional safety standards, including low threshold entry, non-slip surfaces, easy-to-reach controls, and grab bars.

Every walk-in tub should come with textured, non-slip flooring to protect users from falling, a low threshold for easy entry, and built-in grab bars for added safety. The faucet should also have an anti-scald device built in to keep the water from getting too hot during use.

When looking at safety features, you might also want to check out whether or not the seat is ADA-compliant. An ADA-compliant seat is typically higher than a standard seat, reducing the need for deep squatting to get up and down.

Threshold Height

Speaking of a safety threshold, you should determine what threshold height works for your needs. For example, the average bathtub has a threshold of around six inches tall, while the lowest thresholds in walk-in tubs are approximately two to three inches tall.

Door Type

When looking at walk-in tubs, you'll often find two types of door options: Inward swinging or Outward swinging.

Most walk-in tubs have inward-swinging doors, though many buyers opt for outward-swinging doors because of additional safety concerns.

With an inward-swinging door, you can create a seal after your walk-in tub fills up with water. Not only does this eliminate moisture build-up on the floor, but it is much better for small spaces.

However, the unfortunate thing about inward-swinging doors is you must wait for the water to drain before you get out, which could pose a serious problem in the event of an emergency. This is the reason that some people would only consider buying a walk-in tub that has outward-swinging doors.

Outward-swinging doors are better for those in wheelchairs as well, as they allow much easier access. Keep in mind, however, that an outward-swinging door will likely increase the cost.

Luxury Features

While you could get along just fine opting for the basic safety features that come with standard walk-in tubs, you might want to create a spa-like experience for yourself with high-end features.

For example, you may choose to look for a walk-in tub with hydrotherapy jets or aero-therapy jets. These jets will often use water or air to heal sore joints and muscles. Another unique way to create a spa-like experience is by looking for a walk-in tub with an aromatherapy feature. The aromatherapy feature allows you to add essential oils such as peppermint or lavender to create a relaxing bathing environment.

You may also want to look for a walk-in shower that comes with digital features, such as touchscreen controls, MP3 players, or televisions. These models aren't necessary by any means, though they can certainly enhance your bathtub or shower experience.


Before you sign your name and finalize your purchase, check the warranty on your walk-in shower tub. A high-end walk-in tub and shower will come with a long-lasting warranty on both the tub and the operating system. Be sure to ask about door seal warranties as well.

In-Home Consultation

The more information you can get before installation, the better. Check to see if the brand you want to buy from offers in-home consultation.

Typically, a representative from the company will come to your home and guide you through the process of choosing the best shower for your needs.

The consultant will typically give you information about the cost, installation details, and answer all your questions.

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Finding the Right Walk-In Shower Tub for Your Needs

Whether you have general mobility issues or you're getting older and want a way to stay independent and safe while bathing, a combo walk-in tub with shower can help make your bathroom safer and more luxurious.

If we had to pick our favorite walk-in tub shower brand, it'd have to be Sienna. The company makes some of the most luxurious models on the market today, uses high-quality materials, and offers unique safety features. 

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author