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Wind River Spas from Colorado is an underdog spa company that offers some of the most unique spa models on the market.

Of course, with so many excellent hot tub brands out there, each claiming to have the best features and customization, determining whether or not Wind River Spas is right for you can be challenging.

That is why we are here to help.

Let's dive in and see if buying a new hot tub from Wind River Spas is the right choice for you.

Who Is Wind River Spas?

Wind River Spas is the sole hot tub and spa manufacturer coming out of Colorado. The company has been manufacturing hot tubs since 1978, and it is still going strong today, supplying high-quality hot tubs to people around the world.

Unlike most hot tubs, which are manufactured by companies in Florida and California, Wind River Spas craft ultra-durable spas that are made to hold up in the harshest of climates.

Top Wind River Series - Wind River Storm Series Spas

The Storm Hot Tub Series is the premium hot tub series from Wind River Spas, offering customers five tubs to choose between, including The Typhoon, The Tornado, The Cyclone, The Monsoon, and The Hurricane.

The seating arrangements on these Wind River hot tub models range from four to eight adults, while the jet options go up to a whopping 62 jets!

While the Storm Series offers the top-of-the-line features from Wind River Spas, there are plenty of other options, including the Resort Series Spas, the Wilderness Series Spas, the Fitness Series Spas, and the Escape Series Spas.

High-Quality Wind River Hot Tub Filtration System

One of the most crucial components of a hot tub is the filtration system. While the majority of hot tubs out there work on a two-speed time clock system, meaning the tubs push water through the jets and pumps during set hours of the day, the Wind River system works a bit differently.

Wind River uses a unique continuous clean filtration system, which prevents pump failure, reduces chemical usage, and reduces the cost of overall utility bills.

The Wind River spa filtration system works by relegating the more powerful pumps in the tubs to pushing water through the jet system while the smaller pumps are used to draw water through the filters. This type of spa filtration is incredibly efficient, perfect for those who want a long-lasting hot tub.

Five-Stage Insulation Package

While most hot tub manufacturers out there use some sort of full-foam insulation with an open-cell foam sprayed between the skirt and the shell, Wind River Spas takes a different approach.

Instead, they use five pounds of dense, structural closed-cell foam, which is ten times as dense as foam that is used in hot tub models with full-foam insulation.

There is a small air cavity on the inside that helps to trap heat and keep the tub insulated. Beyond that, this unique Wind River hot tub insulation provides much easier access to the plumbing, making it easier for maintenance to be done when necessary. Users are better able to make repairs on their own instead of having to hire someone to come out and make repairs for them, which can cost quite a bit of money.

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Wind River then adds a unique 2" thick insulating bead-board foam to help heat from getting out the cavity even further. On top of that, the company uses a base made of molded plastic, which helps keep any rodents, spiders, snakes, or other pests, out of the interior.

No matter if you live in the coldest of climates with the worst of inclement weather, your new Wind River Spa will make it through the toughest of times.

Even a few customer reviews of Wind River state that there was a week-long power outage in Indian Hills during a snowstorm back in 2003. Thanks to the durability of the five-stage insulation, none of the customers dealt with freezing damage.

If those aren't great Wind River Spas testimonials for real-life situations, then we don't know what they are.

Durable Wind River Shell Construction

Of course, to make it through tough weather, Wind River had to manufacture a tough exterior. Most hot tub models found on the market today utilize fiberglass substructures and acrylic surfaces. As a manufacturer in Colorado, Wind River knows a thing or two about drastic temperature shifts. The materials found in these hot tub models are made to react to temperature changes well.

The surface of a wind river spa is made out of the same cosmetic layer found in a fiberglass hot tub model, though the substructure utilizes a far denser acrylic material that is heat-resistant. Because both of the materials on the Wind River hot tub models react to shift in temperature, in the same way, they cancel out and eliminate the probability of cracking or imperfections of the surface.

The patented manufacturing techniques used by Wind River are what make the company's shells UV-resistant. They utilize a mixture of fibers and mortar, which are sprayed on the back of the shell to prevent any hot spots from appearing due to long and direct exposure to sunlight.


Of course, no great hot tub is without a high-quality jet system. Wind River Spas works hand in hand with the Waterway Plastics company, which has been the premier injection-molding manufacturing company since 1973.

There are plenty of jet types found on Wind River Spa models, including the Deluxe Precision Jets, Large Face Roto Jets, Multi-Massage Jets, Whirlpool Jets, and Waterfall Jets.

Wind River spa users get complete control over the jets thanks to the air control parameters so that they can create the best and most personalized massage experience possible.

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy a New Hot Tub from Wind River Spas?

There are plenty of reasons as to why you might want to purchase a new spa from Wind River Spas.

For starters, a look at the Wind River Spas Testimonials on the Wind River website shows just how happy consumers are with their purchases.

For all of the reasons mentioned in our own review, we would highly recommend purchasing a new Wind River Spa for your home or backyard. 

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The company has quite a wide price range, and the customer service that they offer is top-of-the-line.

If you're buying a new hot tub, you're going to want to get the best buying experience possible. Make sure to talk to your local spa dealer about Wind River hot tub models to see if they have the right one for you.

To check out all manufactures, see our best hot tub brands page. 

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