10 Person Hot Tub

With more than enough room to relax or entertain, 10-person hot tubs are perfect for those with large families as well as those who enjoy hosting gatherings of friends.

But with so many high-end brands on the market, which one has all the features you’re looking for?

We’ll review our favorite 10-person hot tub models to aid in your buying decision. 

Which one will you choose?

Our top picks for 10 person hot tubs
Artesian Spas Pelican Bay
  • Best for a therapeutic hot tub experience
  • 69 high-performance jets
  • Best feature: High-performance control module
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Prisco 1038 10-Person Spa
  • Best for self-cleaning
  • 70 high-performance jets
  • Best feature: Volcano-style jet system
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Integrity Spas Big Kahuna
  • Best for featured-rich buyers
  • 123 high-performance jets
  • Best feature: Dual lounge seating
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Best 10-Person Hot Tubs

Artesian Spas Pelican Bay

If you are looking for the ultimate therapeutic hot tub experience, we highly recommend going with the Artesian Spas Pelican Bay. This spa is made specifically for larger groups and families.

It is both luxurious and spacious in design and can help transform any living space into an entertainment hot-spot. There are nine seats in total, though room for up to ten people.

Even with all of the space within the spa, there is still more than enough hydrotherapy to go around. There are no sacrifices with Artesian Spas.

You get a high-performance control module with top-notch comfort, including fully customizable massage seats that can help you to strategically pick your stress areas and alleviate the pain that comes from everyday life.

Within the spa lie five therapy pumps and 69 high-performance jets. The water runs through the circulation system, which is made to be whisper-quiet.

Overall, this spa is one of the best 10-person spas on the market today if you are in search of pure quality.

If you are looking for a spa that can give you just about everything you could possibly desire, then we recommend the Prisco 1038 10-person Spa.

This Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub comes with Muskoka-style chair, a never-float lounger, and eight additional seating options for plenty of space to spread out.

You will enjoy the unique volcano-style jet system, which helps to cure aching feet and claves.

You'll also be able to step into the hot tub with ease thanks to the non-slip steps, which dip directly down into the interior of the spa.

One of the best thing about the Prisco 1038 10-person spa is that it is incredibly easy to keep clean.

The water runs through the filtration system every 15 minutes, keeping it 100% clean at all times.

There are 70 jets present in the Prisco 1038 10-Person Spa, proving a wide variety of health benefits. Each of the hydrotherapy jets is made out of durable stainless steel and is fully-adjustable for the most customizable hydrotherapy experience possible. You'll get a rejuvenating massage and a soothing spa experience with all of the health benefits you could ask for.

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Beyond that, you'll find high-quality LED lighting, safety grab handles for easy delivery and installation in the backyard, and the Hydrowise Thermal Shield Insulating System, which helps the water stay warm, even in the coldest of climates.

Integrity Spas Big Kahuna Spa

The Big Kahuna is one of the largest consumer spas on the market and come with a wide range of incredible features, including LED mood lighting around the water level, HALO perimeter LED lights, dual-LED light water fountains, and 123 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets.

Your body will be in a state of pure relaxation no matter where in the hot tub you are sitting.

There is more than enough room for 10 people in this spa and each of the seating options comes with ergonomically designed jets to give you the best massage experience possible in the major problem areas.

Enjoy the double lounge seat, which comes stock with reverse-molded neck jets, or enjoy one of the eight intensive hot seat options, which includes the ultimate double lounge seat.

The Integrity Spa Big Kahuna Spa also comes complete with large blaster air jets, which create an incredible hydrotherapy experience. You can even use these Blaster air jets to create a strong current to swim in, giving you the same fitness benefits that you would get from a pool.

Lastly, the circulation pump is something to brag about, as it comes standard with whisper-quiet features that filter the water every 15 minutes for the cleanest filtration system on the market.

For those seeking out a high-quality hydrotherapy system with tons of great features, we highly recommend going with the Big Kahuna 10-Person spa.

How Much Does A 10-Person Spa Cost?

The price of a high-quality 10-person spa will likely run you around $8,000-$13,000 depending on the hot tub that you choose.

You must also keep in mind that there will be hefty shipping costs if you get your hot tub delivered to you, which is why it is important to compare quotes from different dealers while you shop.

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Bottom Line - Should You Get a 10-Person Spa?

If you're in the market for a 10-person spa model four your backyard, it is clear to see that there are plenty of great options to choose from. These three spas are just the tip of the iceberg and some of the best spas around for the price.

With spas like these, you'll enjoy plenty of stainless steel air jets, durable shell options, unique filtration system options, cool LED light systems, plenty of seating and size options, and much, much more.

10-Person spas are great for the whole family or large groups of friends. 

Not sure about a 10 person? See 7, 8, 9 and 12 person tubs at our large hot tubs page.

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